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Roar War Posters

I created these posters for the “Roar War” poster exhibition, organized by Bucharest Graphic Days in 2022. When the Russian invasion in Ukraine began, the entire world was in shock. There were numerous protests against the war, fundraisers, and a significant outpouring of empathy for Ukrainians. Sadly, two or three months later, we became accustomed…

Antropedia // Mural Painting

Mural painted at the Faculty of Sociology in Bucharest. The concept is inspired by the applied anthropology workshop led by Namla, as part of the AnthroArt project, initiated by Antropedia. I really enjoyed the workshop’s theme – social inclusion for various marginalized groups – and I hope I’ve captured it just right.

Sfertul Academic // Editorial Illustration

This illustration is based on an article by Ionela Vlase for Antropedia Sfertul Academic. Her anthropological investigation focuses on different models of masculinity, in the context of Romanian migration in various European countries. The illustration showcases four males wandering through a tunnel composed of repetitive profile figures, symbolizing their search for identity. Additionally, the tunnel…